I’m making worksheets for my lessons and sharing some of them here. Feel free to use them for studying by yourself and/or with your teacher.

Example sentences for JLPT

50 example sentences for JLPT N2
50 example sentences for JLPT N3

 Test for JLPT N3 vocabulary

Textbook: 日本語総まとめN3語彙 published by ASK Publishing

第1週 P.12-23
第2週 P.28-39
第3週 P.44-55
第4週 P.60-71
第5週 P.76-87
第6週 P.92-103

Make sentences N3 grammar

Textbook: TRY! 日本語能力試験 N3 文法から伸ばす日本語 published by ASK Publishing

No. 1-20
No. 21-40
No. 41-60
No. 61-80
No. 81-100
No. 101-113

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