Example sentences for JLPT

50 example sentences for JLPT N2
50 example sentences for JLPT N3

Articles for high-intermediate and advanced class

2018.11.5 NHK News Web Easy

2018.9.26 訪日ラボ

2018.9.28 NHK News Web Easy

東京オリンピック ボランティアをしたい人は15%
2018.6.8 NHK News Web Easy

2018.6.8 日経新聞

2018.4.11 NHK News Web Easy

Yahoo! 地図アプリにAR導入 目的地までの情報を立体表示
2018.3.5 Mogura VR

2018.2.2 NHK News Web Easy

Reading practice for N4 class


Topics for intermediate Japanese class

Working in Japan

Homework for JLPT N3 grammar class

Textbook: 新完全マスター文法N3 published by スリーエーネットワーク

Make sentences with your own ideas.


Homework for beginner class 

Textbook : GENKI published by The Japan Times

GENKI Lesson 5
GENKI Lesson 6
GENKI Lesson 7
GENKI Lesson 8
GENKI Lesson 9
GENKI Lesson 10
GENKI Lesson 11
GENKI Lesson 12


  1. Hi Ako,
    Would it be possible to provide also some example sentences and content about N4?

    1. Hi John,
      Some people have asked me the same thing. I will think about it. Once I make a worksheet, I will upload here. Thanks!

  2. The collection of N2/N3 example sentences are very clear and extremely helpful. Thank you so much for providing these!!!

    1. Hi Craig,
      Thank you for your comments! Those feedbacks have encouraged me a lot!

  3. Thanks for the material about jlpt n2 and n3.
    I’m from Brazil and already passed the N3 level 2 years ago. For the moment I am taking courage and make preparations to try N2 next year. Really appreciate it!

    1. Hi Andre,
      Cool! N2 is much more difficult than N3, but still N2 grammar points are so useful for work and casual conversation, too. If you pass the exam, it means a lot. Hope you will enjoy studying for N2. Thank you!

  4. Ako Sensei,
    Thank you very much for the N2 grammar points. I love how you gave very useful expressions as examples. Somehow they don’t give me some kind of “burden” and stressful feelings while reading the sentences 😀

    I’m re-writing all the sentences as it usually helps me remember the patterns much better.

    Thanl you so much, Ako Sensei 🙂

    1. Hi Yuni,
      Oh, I’m so happy to hear that you like the sentences I made. Re-writing must be a great idea! I think if you remember one sentence (It doesn’t have to be my sentence. Anything is OK if it’s a correct one.) for each grammar point, that will help you remembering the grammar rules (conjugations etc).

  5. Ako先生,
    Thank you a lot!
    I follow you on Twitter and you help me a lot continuing my learning of Japanese language, thanks to your ressources.

    1. Hi Thomas,
      Thank you for the comments.
      Great to hear that my tweets have helped your learning Japanese!

  6. Dear Ako,
    The list with 50 example sentences for JLPT will be very useful to help me review for this level. I haven’t learned all the grammar points yet but such a list will be so useful when time will come to do a final review.

    1. Thank you for your comments. yeah, if you use this worksheet for a final review, that would be great. Hope my list will help your studying soon!

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