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Live Japanese Lessons Schedule:
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March 28th Saturday 9:00 – 10:00pm (JST) Free demo lesson
N3 grammar
1. …ばよかった
2. …っけ
3. …によれば
Practice listening to an article
The application for the above lesson is now closed. Thank you!

April 5th Sunday 9:00 – 10:00pm (JST) Free demo lesson
N2 grammar
1. …おそれがある
2. …につき
3. まし
Practice listening to an article

April 12th Sunday 9:00 – 10:00pm (JST) Free demo lesson
N4 grammar
1. verb volitional form + とおもっています
2. …たらどうですか
3. Frequency

*I will teach all of the lessons in Japanese, not English.

I’ll update more lessons later… stay tuned!

I’ll talk about the grammar rules, meanings, and example sentences, and then we will make sentences using the grammar points together. I’ll teach useful kanji and expressions, too.

The participation fee: ¥1,000 per lesson
Once I receive your application, I’ll send the bill via PayPal.
*Lessons on the 28th March, 5th April and 12th April are demo lessons and it’s free. 

I’m using Zoom for the live lesson.
How to join a Zoom meeting through an email invite:

I’ll mute all viewers’ microphones. Please join in the lesson using the chat function.

I’ll post some Japanese quizzes using Zoom’s polling function during the lesson, too.

After the lesson, you’ll receive a review test in Google forms via email. Try the test as homework.

*The quizzes (polling) in the lesson and review test as homework are only for the attendees of the lesson. They’re not shared on YouTube.

YouTube and Patreon

I’m thinking of making a video of each live lesson for YouTube after doing the live lesson so that the attendees can review the lesson and people who can’t join the lesson can watch the lesson, too.
Because of that, I’m starting Patreon, too.
Thanks to you, I’ve really enjoyed Twitter. YouTube is another big challenge for me in 2020.
Yes, YouTube is very different from Twitter. I need to improve my skills for making and editing videos.
My live lessons and YouTube videos will be adjusting based on how things work and user feedback. Please let me know what you think on Patreon’s chat!

*I will be sharing videos ONLY on Patreon in April. I will discuss how I should manage my YouTube channel with my patrons and will upload videos on YouTube sometime in May 2020.

With your support, I can make more online lessons and content.
Thank you so much for your support!