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Live Japanese Lessons Schedule:
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On March 28th, we will have Wakaba as a special guest. Wakaba is a Japanese teacher who loves ARASHI, a very popular boy band in Japan. She will have a lesson “Japanese for 嵐 -ARASHI-“. Don’t miss it!
*Ramen patrons can join it without paying extra fee as usual.

March 7th Sunday 21:00 – 22:00 JST
N4-level grammar, expressions, kanji
*It’s for people who have finished N5 level textbook like “Genki 1” or “Minna no nihongo 1”. You don’t need kanji for the lesson.

March 14th Sunday
No Lesson

March 21st Sunday 21:00 – 22:00 JST
N1-N2-level grammar, expressions, listening to an article
*It’s for people who have passed N3 or similar to the level.I’ll update more lesson

February 28th Sunday 21:00 – 22:00 JST
Japanese for 嵐 -ARASHI-
Words and expressions about ARASHI etc.
This lesson will be for people who are around N4-N3 level.
*The video of this lesson will not be shared on YouTube.
Instructor: Wakaba Kojima

schedule later… stay tuned!

We will teach all of the lessons in Japanese, not English.

The participation fee for non-patrons: ¥1,000 per lesson
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*If you’re a “Ramen Patrons” on Patreon ($10 per month), you don’t need to register here. Check the Patreon post for the month. If you can’t find it, send me a message via Patreon.

I’m using Zoom for the live lesson.
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I’ll mute all viewers’ microphones. Please join in the lesson using the chat function.

After the class, I will send the summary of the lesson as Google Docs.

Feedback from the attendees

“This lesson was fun and useful as always, and went very smoothly! Thank you for your hard work in making fun, accessible, and affordable lessons. I’m looking forward to the next one!”

“Lovely and highly enjoyable lesson as always!! I wish it was offered more often, I would definitely sign up for them!! Thank you again for the lesson!!”

“Ako-sensei, thank you very much for offering this online lesson for such an affordable price! Honestly this format is new for me. I was surprised at first to join a class with no chance to speak, but I trust Ako-sensei so I decided to try. In the end I found it was excellent listening practice plus writing (typing) quickly in Japanese was also a good challenge for me. Due to COVID-19 I have been taking a break from Japanese lessons but this class inspired me and showed me how powerful online lessons can be. I want to join all your N2+ lessons from now on!!! I also started listening to prior lessons on YouTube and they were great too. Thank you! ”

“I was a little nervous beforehand that I wouldn’t be able to follow everything “live” because I had only watched your YouTube videos before, but I found your explanations very clear and easy to understand. I think you must have put a lot of time and effort into preparing the class – thank you very much!”

YouTube and Patreon

I’m making a video of each live lesson for YouTube after doing the live lesson so that the attendees can review the lesson and people who can’t join the lesson can watch the lesson, too.
*I make a video after the live lesson by myself. Live lessons are not recorded and your face/name is not shared on YouTube.

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