Welcome to Ako Nihongo Lessons!

Group Lessons
Learn 24 important grammar points and improve your listening and speaking skills!
Maximum 4 students
・Intermediate (N3-level) Japanese
・High-intermediate (N2-level) Japanese for Tech and Games
・Advanced (N1-level) Japanese

Corporate Lessons
Japanese lessons for corporate clients
Monday to Friday 9:00 – 17:00 JST
Maximum 3 students
Lessons are held online. Contact me to discuss the details.

Live Japanese Lessons
Currently I’m not having live lessons.

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I’m having a workshop collaborating with Code Chrysalis for learning Japanese.
Free N3-level Japanese class: Learn Japanese with Nintendo’s software!

My YouTube channel and podcast are featured in Tofugu’s article!

I was interviewed by 日本語ジャーナル. I talked about my career and current projects etc.
*This interview is in Japanese

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