My name is Akiko Suzuki.
I completed the 420-hour Japanese education training course at ARK academy and have been teaching Japanese here in Tokyo for years.
Let me know your ideas and/or goals for learning Japanese please.
Working together, we will plan your lessons so they are enjoyable and effective!

About Lessons
Lessons can take place at your office in Tokyo.
All levels welcome
Monday to Friday 10:00 – 16:00
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Thank you for your interest. Unfortunately I’m not currently accepting any new students. Please sign up to my mailing list for future updates.

2020年2月に都内日本語学校(リンゲージ 日本語学校)主催で日本語教師と日本語教師の仕事に興味がある方を対象としてセミナーを開催いたします。
I’m having a seminar for Japanese teachers in February 2020. I’ll talk about my career especially about how I became a Japanese teacher in the game and IT industry. Check this PDF for the detailed information.

I’m having a workshop collaborating with Code Chrysalis for learning Japanese
Japanese Twitter: Online slang, describing things, hashtags, and more!

I’m having a workshop collaborating with Code Chrysalis for learning Japanese
Free N4-N3-level Japanese Class: Read and Discuss the Book about Satoru Iwata

My Twitter account @akokitamura is featured on The Japan Times!

My Student Marion made Suiren, website for learning Japanese.
“Suiren [lilypad] is a fun way to explore the Japanese language using Kanji to hop from one word to another, creating memorable connections.”
Very interesting and fun idea. Check it out!

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