My name is Akiko Kitamura Suzuki.
I completed the 420-hour Japanese education training course at ARK academy and have been teaching Japanese for 15 years here in Tokyo.
Let me know your ideas and/or goals for learning Japanese please.
Working together, we will plan your lessons so they are enjoyable and effective!

About Lessons

Lessons can take place at your office in Tokyo.
(Shibuya, Shinjuku, Roppongi, Azabu, Hiroo, Ebisu, Marunouchi, Ginza, Akasaka, Otemachi, Toranomon, etc.)

All levels welcome

Monday to Friday 10:00 – 16:00

I usually recommend you use a core textbook for our lessons. If you already have one, we can use that or I can recommend some textbooks for your level.
I also use supplementary handouts, articles with vocabulary lists, material from other textbooks, etc.

*If you already have your own group of friends or co-workers and a place to have lessons, just let me know what your goals are, and I will produce a lesson plan for you.
For groups, once-a-month lessons on weekends are also available.
Weekend lessons can also be taken outside Tokyo (transportation costs to be met by students).

*I don’t have Skype lessons now.

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Students’ Comments

For a few of years now, Akiko has been teaching Japanese at our company to groups of employees of various sizes, and at all Japanese comprehension levels. Based on the Japanese level, motivations and individual interests of our staff, Akiko advises on which groups we form, and she shapes the lecture material accordingly.

While I have joined classes of many Japanese teachers over the past 10 years, Akiko really stands out. When you are exposed to her motivation and enthusiasm, you will quickly realize that Akiko is no ordinary teacher. She is one of those teachers that really know their craft and have a real passion for it; one of those teachers you will only meet a few times in your lifetime. She explains it when textbook material doesn’t appear in natural conversation. This is of great value in the quest to sound “natural”, and goes to show that Akiko does not just go through a textbook like a drone. Every class is something special.

Her Twitter presence also presents people a fantastic way to play with the Japanese language. Her tweets test your knowledge and usually teach you something about the language you didn’t know yet, while very often being related to current events. If you’re considering teaching your foreign staff Japanese, you can’t go wrong with Akiko.

Ron Korving
Wizcorp  Vice President of Engineering

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My current schedule for weekly lessons is almost full. Please let me know your preferred time for the lessons and I will contact you to confirm availability.

My Student Marion made Suiren, website for learning Japanese.
“Suiren [lilypad] is a fun way to explore the Japanese language using Kanji to hop from one word to another, creating memorable connections.”
Very interesting and fun idea. Check it out!

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