Japanese Lessons Consulting

Japanese below.

Need advice about Japanese classes for your employees?
I will make a lesson plan according to your needs.

Do you have any of these concerns?
– We are willing to have Japanese lessons for our employees, but we don’t know where we should start.
– We already have Japanese lessons, but we are not sure how much the learners have improved.
– We would like our teacher to offer lessons on some specific topics, but we are not sure how we can make it work.

Offering Japanese lessons for your non-Japanese employees in your office should be greatly beneficial, not only for beginners but also for advanced learners.

Having specific goals and plans will motivate learners a lot.
I have talked with many Japanese learners and their superiors in my 17 years of experience, and I have learned that if you have an appropriate lesson plan, the lessons will work much more effectively.
They make your teacher offer lessons more smoothly too.
Not only a main textbook but also other teaching materials are important. I will share the materials with your teachers too, if needed.

I will help you with the following:
– Making a lesson plan according to your needs
(Suggesting textbooks, other teaching materials and forming group lessons)
– Checking each learner’s level and strong/weak points by face-to-face interview
– Introducing a teacher if required
– Instructing your teacher(s) how they should manage the classes
– Making a format for reporting each class by the teacher

Consulting Fee
7,000 yen (excluding tax) per consulting session (one session is about 60 mins)

You don’t need to meet with me constantly. I will offer improvements to your classes even after one session.

Please contact me by e-mail in English or Japanese.


日本語レッスン コンサルティング


– 日本語の授業立ち上げ(そもそも何から始めればいいのか分からないという方、ご連絡ください)
– レッスン受講者と面談、レベルチェック
– クラス分けのご提案
– レッスンプランの作成
– 主教材、副教材のご提案
– 先生のご紹介
– 受講ルール作成のお手伝い
– 先生から会社へのレポートのフォーマット作成
– 業界用語に関する授業の進め方のご提案

一回 7,000円(税別)

※ 一回のご相談は約1時間とさせていただきます。受講者の人数やレベルによって所要時間が異なります。まずはメールでお問い合わせください。
※ 一回のコンサルティングでもお役に立てます。定期的にコンサルティング料をお支払いいただくような契約をしていただく必要はありません。