Workshop: Read and Discuss the Book about Satoru Iwata

In August I had a workshop in Tokyo for learning Japanese.

The workshop was for reading a book about Nintendo’s former CEO Satoru Iwata.
The book’s title is 岩田さん (iwata-san). The editor gathered Iwata-san’s words in the book.
I enjoyed the book a lot and understood why Iwata-san is so loved by people.

When I discussed the topic for the workshop with the organizer Code Chrysalis, I asked them if I could use the book for the workshop.
They were happy with the topic.
Then we asked the publisher Hobonichi for permission to use photocopies of the book at the workshop. They said OK and we have decided the topic.

Since that, I have read the book again and again.
Finally I chose some sentences which I would read with the participants at the workshop.

I picked up an important or/and interesting expression from each sentence.

The workshop was mainly for N3 to N4 learners, but some advanced learners were there, too. I tried to make a lesson “mixed-level”.

Because of the copyright, I cannot share the pages of the book here, but let me share some slides I made for the workshop. (I’m writing this blog in English, but I spoke only Japanese at the workshop.)

Look at those two sentences.

The first sentence implies the person likes Star Wars, right?

How about the second one?

Yes, that implies the person doesn’t like Star Wars.

So, how about the following ones?

Those sound quite confusing, don’t they.
(At the workshop, I took a couple of minutes  to think of the nuance of each sentence.)

Here’s the answer.

They sometimes have different nuance depending on the intonation etc, but there is a basic rule for them. This.

In addition to this, I explained some kanji, particles, words etc in the workshop.

If you want to improve your Japanese, of course you need to study regularly, not only taking one lesson.
How do you usually study Japanese?
Maybe you’re a full-time student, have a private teacher at work or study by yourself with textbooks.

I hope my workshop become tips for your regular learning method.

Speaking for 90 minutes in front of 50 people was very first experience for me. I was quite nervous before, but eventually it was so fun and great experience for me. I enjoyed it a lot. Thank you very much for joining my first workshop!

Code Chrysalis and I have already started talking  about the next session.
I’ll share the information about next workshop on my social media.

If you would like to have the information via e-mail, sign up to my mailing list. (Please write “workshop” or something as a message so that I will know it’s not a spam.)

In the end, Code Chrysalis, thank you very much for your support.
I couldn’t have the event without you at all. Thank you for offering the spacious venue and organizing everything.

Looking forward to seeing you all again at the next event!